MWC is up and running (after 19 months)!

I’m back! After a 19 month hiatus, I’ve decided to resurrect the Mommy Wisdom Circle (MWC). How do I know it’s been 19 months exactly? Well, when my daughter was born, I wore an invisible Super Mom cape. I thought I could do it all. When she was two months, I launched this site with such big plans. Well, in between those big plans in my head, many things in my life were moving along. For starters, kindergarten happened, followed by first grade (which recently ended. Hello, Summer!) for my son, along with a boatload of enrichment activities (chess, soccer, tennis, his business < – yes, my child started a business, I will be sharing more soon). As for my daughter, she’s now 21 months old and full of life and ENERGY! I chase her everywhere (still don’t understand why I’m battling baby weight gain – I’m mentally digressing here). She’s in a new early learning center and has a social calendar of play dates with classmates and birthday parties and so much more. I say all of this to say that I’ve been busy.

Now that my life is coming together better in terms of children on early sleeping schedules and I’ve found the time to carve out some “Me” time within the 24 hours allotted per day, I can assume the role of updating happenings in my world and planning events for the Mommy Wisdom Circle. My plan is to post weekly and coordinate an event once every three months.

So, what’s been happening in your world? It’s been 19 months, what have I missed?


How do you keep your kids self-esteem tank full?

you're awesomeHappy Monday! I have a question for the moms: In a world where there’s so much bullying and pressure to fit in, how do you keep your kids self-esteem tank full? I’m a proactive parent and try to prevent the low gas in the self esteem tank by having it overflow before its depleted. Recently, I began writing positive messages on the chalk board in my sons room so that it’s the first thing that he sees when he rises. I find that it makes a difference in the way he takes on the day. Even as adults wouldn’t it be nice to open your eyes and see a huge black board with words telling you that you’re awesome today. Just might alter the way we handle the day ourselves. I might have a little more bounce in my step or need one less coffee because hey, I’m awesome J! Share your parenting strategy on keeping the self-esteem high in our youth?