Event Planning Mode

This weekend was tons of fun — very busy but loads of fun. I managed to squeeze some time in my creative space and did some beading  (see my necklace). However, I spent a great deal of time planning Mommy Wisdom Circle activities.  I’m looking to kick off either a movie and lunch day or a roller skating event with moms and kids. I’m really leaning towards skating. For starters, I can’t skate and believe it or not, I look forward to falling down (pray I don’t break any bones) and secondly, learning how to skate with my son is on my bucket list.

A finalized event announcement will be available soon.

So, how did you spend your weekend? What activities did you do with your kids?


2 comments on “Event Planning Mode

  1. Mimi says:

    Let me know when the event is I have a few mommy friends up there that I am sure would love to attend. I want a necklace, is your shop back open?

    • Wonderful!! Will keep you posted. My son and I started lessons today — and lets just say that we will need a few more.

      The shop is currently closed for online orders, but I do offer viewings and jewelry parties. I’m currently putting together a look book. Being that I’m a novice photographer, I’m working to find a photographer whose services I can monetarily contract or barter with to consistently take pics of my new merchandise — so much goes into putting things online. I sometimes think it will be more advantageous to open a small store or occupy a space inside of a boutique.

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