Why the Mommy Wisdom Circle

During your pregnancy were you filled with anxieties, excitement and lots of questions? If you’re anything like me or most new parents, you purchased a handbook (or two, or three) that gave advice on what to expect when expecting and beyond, right? Well, you probably know by now that books can serve as a good guide for starting, but there will always be questions that need answers along the way. The Mommy Wisdom Circle is intended to be that guide to assist you along the way. Here are a few things you should know:

Q.What is the Mommy Wisdom Circle ™?
A. A face to face meet-up in the Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia area where moms come together to share their motherhood pearls of wisdom!

Q. Why was this group formed?
A. It’s been on my heart since I had my son almost 6 years ago to put together a meet-up with local moms of little ones. I recall as vividly as can be, being a 25 year old mother without… a clue. I didn’t know about free resources for mothers and children, what state regulations to check for in a childcare, where to find local kid-friendly activities and etc. So, now that I’m expecting my second child, I knew it was time to execute the ideas that have been on my heart. After much consideration and consulting with a focus group of mommies, I decided to follow my heart and establish, the Mommy Wisdom Circle ™

Q. Who can be a part of the Mommy Wisdom Circle ™?
A. If you’re in the Washington DC, MD or VA area and want to join us for some face-to-face mommy and child activities and mom-talk, feel free to become a fan and contact: mommywisdomcircle@yahoo.com.

**** Please note: While the primary purpose of the MWC is to serve as a face-to-face gathering for moms, its online complement, this blog will serve as an invaluable resource to moms by sharing advice and tips on subjects that most moms struggle with, such as fashion, work life balance and much more.